August 12, 2021

Star Trek inspired sketch comedy!

When your Enterprise (inevitably) breaks, who do you call to fix it?

Meet the "Starfleet Repair" team -- not exactly Starfleet's finest -- and discover how they got themselves canned and replaced with an all synthetic "Synth" android workforce (as seen in Star Trek: Picard) in this brand new, sidesplitting AND SPACE-SUFFOCATING edition of TREK Sketches!

Starfleet Repair website photo 2.jpg


June 24, 2021

Star Trek inspired sketch comedy!

Have you ever wondered what a vacation to the brutal, Klingon Homeworld might look like?

Eager to discover if "Karens" still exist in the 24th Century?

Find out now in this PAINFULLY HILARIOUS edition of TREK Sketches!

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May 13, 2021

Star Trek inspired sketch comedy!

Despite Chekov's easy-going persona we learn that it's tough being the "Russian Guy" aboard the Enterprise.

In this hilarious mockumentary-style interview, everyone's favorite na-wee-gator shows us what it takes to become Chekov--AND LETS US IN ON HIS GALAXY-SIZED SECRET!

Becoming Chekov STILL.png