Andy is a husband, father and co-author of the bestselling Making Fake Star Trek (a book that Star Trek’s Chekov, Walter Koenig touts in his autobiography, Beaming Up and Getting Off, and called “a delightful read!”). Andy followed up that success with a sequel Making More Fake Star Trek2020: The Novel, and A Collection of Happy Memories from...2020

Andy grew up in Miami, Florida, where, at a young age, he developed an unhealthy obsession with Star Trek—an obsession that’s finally paying dividends. In 2000, Andy moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and was propelled into fan film stardom through his role as Chekov, first in the Paramount Pictures stage production of “Spock’s Brain” and, secondly, as a co-star to Walter Koenig, George Takei, and Denise Crosby in three episodes of Star Trek: New Voyages.

In the time since, Andy has studied improv and comedy writing at The Groundlings and the Upright Citizens Brigade and cultivated a collection of obscure credits on IMDB; all while discovering his true calling as a writer. In addition to his books, Andy has written articles for

Andy resides in Los Angeles with his wife Kelli and their three kids. He is currently writing his first novel, The Has-Been.